Crusty bacon and on the inside the delicious creaminess of goat cheese melting… Oh yeah, totally worth it!

Bacon wrapped goat cheese

Bacon wrapped goat cheese

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Jægersborggade, Copenhagen


What better thing is there than nice and cozy food in autumn?

Honey & lemon grilled chicken

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Copenhagen by bike

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Ninja loves: Patrick Wolf “Sundark and Riverlight”

Fall always gets me hanging out in front of my CD collection, fishing out old stuff that I haven’t listened to in ages. But: It also gets me searching for new albums and artists, since I spend more time in my appartment with a good cup of tea hanging out with me. This week on the turning table: Patrick Wolf. Continue reading

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Ninja loves: Love notes

Do you remember the time when you were young, a kid, maybe only 7 years old and there was nothing better than the candy automat at the bus stop?

Oh lord – what huge amounts of money we left there for only some gum and the latest and worst fashion of rings, necklaces or toys. Meanwhile, not a lot of the old ones are around anymore, but sometimes you can find new takes on them, as Notes of Berlin shows in their post. Get your share of love, utopia and courage!

I just love it!

Love automat

Ninja loves: Fall


On the road.

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Ninja loves: San Cisco “Rocket Ship”

Oh this is something. Months ago I discovered that song and it helped me figure out, what I really wanted at that time: Quitting my last job, having more time for my loved ones and – last but not least – enjoy life much more.

Ninja loves: Double chocolate peanut swirl cranberry brownies

Sometimes I get an urge to buy things that I don’t really need. This time: Fresh cranberries.

If you’re familiar with that problem you will definitely understand, that I suddenly found myself in quite a huge dilemma, since question 1 was “What to do with these?” and question 2 was “Will that ever taste as good as overseas?” I can still remember the wonderful fresh taste of fresh cranberries in some brownies I ate last year in Portland, that slight sour sweetness in combination with the chocolate really got a hold on me.

Having those fruits at home now, I ended up improvising on a brownie recipe that I found on the internet. And I have to say: THOSE ARE DIVINE! They are moist, rich, sweet and sour at the same time and you can’t get your hands off of those, I swear.

Speaking of which: I’m gonna sit down now with a cup of tea to have on of those. Or two. Or…..

Double chocolate peanut swirl cranberry brownie