Too much bread at home? And tomatoes? And herbs? – Make a salad!



Yes I know: Summer is over, everything is turning brown and summer vegetables are no longer as good as they have been all summer long. Especially when you are based in Germany! I have to say, that it is really ridiculous to live in a country that has not enough sun to produce nice and rich vegetables during the year and has to import all nice stuff from the outside – starting with tomatoes. Right now, there are a few homegrown ones left, but soon I will have to be purchasing again imported goods from the Netherlands (no objections to our neighbours!) and I have to admit: In winter they are just not as tasteful. Try to make tomato soup or a good pasta sauce out of them and you will get a sour liquid that you have to enhance with sugar. Sugar! Are you kiddin’?

Well, as long as there are some tasty tomatoes around, I keep on stocking them. And yes: I always buy way to many! It’s like with “special edition” items in cosmetics or so: I’m always afraid that they will never come around again – so I stock. Ok, it’s not that dramatic, but you know what I’m talking about.

Back to the point: I had to many tomatoes at home and was wondering what to do with them. I recently started a project on different kinds of salad to take to work with me, so I figured: Why not include a tomato salad in it? Since tomatoes themselves don’t really make my hunger go away, I thought of the wonderful italian combination of bread, tomatoes and fresh herbs and came up with my own version of a nice Panzanella salad. I added a little leftover sliced turkey to it, which made it even richer and topped it off with some nice extra virgin olive oil, that my mum brought me from Lago di Garda.

Did I say, that summer is about to be really gone for a while? Make it stay with this salad – works just fine!

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  1. sybaritica says:

    The turkey is definitely a nice touch.

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