Crusty bacon and on the inside the delicious creaminess of goat cheese melting… Oh yeah, totally worth it!

Bacon wrapped goat cheese

Bacon wrapped goat cheese

Today was a supersunny autumn day, blue skies outside, crispy cold air and exactly the weather for going out for a good walk. Doing so and seeing all the leaves turn yellow golden and rusty red I figured, that it would be time for a nice combination dinner. Something, that puts together some vitamins to prep yourself against the cold outside and some ingredients, that warm you up from inside and that bring a subtle smile onto your face as well as a most comfortable feeling to your stomach.

I decided to go for a fresh mixed salad with red radicchio, frisee lettuce and corn salad, dressed with a little olive oil, garlic vinegar and fresh herbs, such as basil and parsley (which I always have at hand). On top of it: A wheel of goat cheese – the one with the creamy rim and the rustic crumbly middle – wrapped in a little slimcut breakfast bacon. Fry this in a pan, top it off with a little honey and your almost in heaven!

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