What better thing is there than nice and cozy food in autumn?

Honey & lemon grilled chicken

Cooking for me and/or other people is what I enjoy most all year. But what I really love is cooking in autumn: staying at home in my cozy and warm place, heating up soups, drinking hot milk with honey or having a good porridge for breakfast – all these things to me really belong to the beginning of autumn. Comfort food is what you need now, and it’s most comforting to have a dish that has it all: Some fresh meat, fresh veggies and something to fill you stomach. Above all: the mix of flavours and textures.

It really made my day, when the guys of came up with their twist on a honey and lemon grilled chicken, served with aubergine (or eggplant, call it what you want) and polenta.  By the way: The most creamy polenta I ever ate, since it is being enhanced with butter and a good amount of mascarpone cheese. Creaminess, you got me! Since aubergine is not my most favourite vegetable, I insisted on choosing other options and came up with the combination of zucchini and carrot, adding a little bit of fresh thyme to the mix.

I think this dish will make it into my normal cooking routine, since it is so damn easy to make with almost no preparation! And for the record: I even think I’ll cook that for my family on Christmas eve… since people deserve some of the best things in life on that particular evening!

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