Ninja loves: Patrick Wolf “Sundark and Riverlight”

Fall always gets me hanging out in front of my CD collection, fishing out old stuff that I haven’t listened to in ages. But: It also gets me searching for new albums and artists, since I spend more time in my appartment with a good cup of tea hanging out with me. This week on the turning table: Patrick Wolf.

Having been released merely a week ago, I am so captured by the new album by Patrick Wolf. Okok, I admit – with his 80ies voice and mostly too much beats here and there and synthie sounds, he sometimes (but only sometimes) annoys be a bit. But: His songs are a wonderful companion when your searching for fun. Getting on your bicycle and driving around town with his music – for example from his last album “Lupercalia” – life can’t get any better that very minute.

This got my thinking: What songs are there to listen to by Patrick Wolf in this time of year? When it gets colder, wetter, nastier outside and cosier inside? And just like he could read my mind, he sets out an acoustic album with some of his most beloved songs. I cannot put in words what that does to me. Beautiful arrangements with acoustic guitar, strings, harp (sometimes you get reminded of Florence and the Machine for real!), accordeon and wind section come out the (Sun)dark and bring (River)light to your ears and heart.

This album will definitely be a good companion for the next weeks, for sure. I’ll set up a new pot of tea and start another round listening.

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